Why do people choose to become Montessori teachers?

Why Montessori? Most are drawn to the purposeful and peaceful way in which children and adults interact with one another and the learning environment. Many are seeking an alternative to the teacher-directed, highly didactic approaches to schooling that characterize much of our current educational climate.

Still others want to be part of an international movement that values creativity, self-regulation, intrinsic motivation and empathy as crucial educational outcomes. See what real Montessori teachers have to say about how and why they came to Montessori.

Educating the Whole Person

Montessori education is a holistic approach realizing human potential. Literacy and numeracy are embedded in beautiful, richly prepared environments that engage all the senses and foster deep concentration, independence, and wonder. Likewise, becoming a Montessori teacher engages all aspects of adult development: intellectual, emotional, spiritual. See how trainees describe Montessori training as “the real deal.”

Deep Learning for all

An approach to education that has long been associated with middle class families seeking out learning experiences, but that has been proven to work for ALL children.


International community of highly skilled professionals

Joining the Montessori educator community means becoming part of an international community practice, built on a century of rigorous self-assessment that has produced a track record.