Arbor is accepting applications from candidates interested in a part-time position in the Adolescent Program (traditionally 7th and 8th grades). Arbor follows the traditional school year schedule beginning in mid-August and ending the first week in June.

This part-time staff member will work collaboratively with a team of Adolescent Program guides in a program that follows the Montessori philosophy and tenets to provide an environment that responds to the needs of the adolescent in support of their development. Specifically, the staff member would prepare and present lessons and assignments in one or more curriculum areas related to agriculture and nature.

In addition, the individual will support students in their practical work on the land as they engage in gardening, beekeeping, work with livestock, watershed shed preservation and other land-based projects. In the future, additional Montessori training will be available and this role may be transitioned to full-time.

Candidate Qualifications Include:

  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • Previous work with children is required; work with adolescents is preferred.
  • Experience with land-based education or direct farm and garden work.
  • Montessori experience is preferred, but not required.
  • Ability to organize and communicate effectively.
  • Ability to take initiative and work independently, as well as be a contributing member of a team.

General Responsibilities:

  • Work alongside adolescents to maintain our “Micro-Farm”, including gardens, chickens, and other products
  • Implement curriculum on an ongoing basis in collaboration with other members of the team.
  • Coordinate with other adults working in the adolescent environment (co-teachers, specialty teachers, administrators).
  • Facilitate/supervise students’ community work.
  • Help drive bus and chaperone Going Out trips.
  • Help direct students to work, intervene when necessary, and maintain class rules.
  • Maintain materials, cleanliness, order, and beauty of the environment.
  • Attend to other duties during the school day to support the adolescent program and the school.

Applicants must be willing to follow all COVID protocols as outlined by the school. All teaching staff are fully vaccinated. This is a part-time position. Starting pay is competitive and varies based on experience. Please submit a resume and cover letter to David Tyler, Adolescent Program Coordinator at davidt@arbormontessori.org.

About Arbor Montessori School

The mission of Arbor Montessori School is to develop the unique capabilities of each child through supportive relationships, joyful learning, and meaningful work in a Montessori environment. We seek to foster independence in each child, preparing him or her to contribute with integrity to the community of the larger world.