Basic Function

Responsible to provide for the care, guidance, emotional needs and developmental experiences of children in assigned classroom, and to direct an environment appropriate for Montessori educational standards and philosophy.


A. Development of Learning Environment
Plan, supervise, and implement class programs in accordance with the philosophy of the Montessori curriculum.
Develop, prepare, and implement monthly lesson plans appropriate to the children of assigned classroom.
Prepare and demonstrate Montessori materials and other classroom work to reflect the developmental needs of the children.
Maintain a stimulating educational environment, directing children and Assistants in a positive and respectful manner.
Keep accurate records of presentations including individual children’s progress within each area of the classroom.
Maintain a neat and orderly classroom to include dusting, mopping, and vacuuming as necessary; ensure adherence to sanitary standards as directed by Department of Health and Senior Services.
Ensure all classroom supplies are sufficient, including maintenance of emergency supplies.

B. Child Guidance

Observe and interact with each child regularly, including at least observation of their work time and free time activities (e.g. outside time, rest periods, etc.).
Give individual and small group demonstrations consistent with observed sensitive periods, learning needs, and interests.
Conduct line time and large group activities.
Conduct other learning activities consistent with Montessori philosophy and classroom objectives to enhance lesson plans including art, music, cooking, and field trips.
Discipline children with respect following the Montessori Philosophy and CMS Policies, always considering the children’s individual differences.

C. Classroom Personnel Management

Supervise teachers and interns to ensure consistent demonstrations and use of Montessori equipment and other materials.
Assign and supervise specific duties and responsibilities of teaching staff, particularly those unique to the classroom, taking individual talents and interests into consideration.
Attend Lead Teacher meetings with Executive Director and relay relevant topics to classroom staff.
Conduct monthly meetings with classroom staff, conducive to open discussion of problems, ideas, and lesson plans.
Work with staff as necessary to insure their interactions with the children are consistent with Montessori and CMS philosophies and classroom procedures.
Complete annual staff evaluations conscientiously and honestly.
Relate child episodic circumstances to other staff members as appropriate.
Report classroom needs, concerns, and progress to the Executive Director.
Act as an example to staff by displaying strong work ethic, integrity, professionalism, and respect for all.

D. Parent Relations/Communications

Write a monthly classroom newsletter.
Provide parents regular updates on the care, development, or interests of their child, appropriate to age group of specific classroom.
Conduct parent conferences bi-annually and upon parent’s request.
Notify parents of unusual circumstances to include infectious disease, injury, accident or incident verbally if appropriate and filling out the appropriate reports.
Respond in a timely manner to parent inquiries.

E. Other Responsibilities

Represent school in a positive light at all times, including away from school and on social media outlets.
Effectively communicate with co-leads, encouraging open discussion of problems, ideas, and resolutions.
Adhere to state and government regulations appropriate to school’s operational procedures.
Respect children by not having child related discussions/conversations in the presence of any child or parent.
Attend at least two Board meetings annually.
Notify Executive Director of unusual circumstances to include infectious disease, injury, accident or incident verbally if appropriate and filling out the appropriate reports.
Maintain CPR/First Aid Certification and Food Handler Certification
Complete other duties as assigned.

F. Professional Development & Personal Growth

Participate in all school professional development sessions, staff meetings, and extra curricular events as coordinated by the school.
Acquire 12 continuing education hours per year as stipulated by the Department of Health.
Display efforts to continue education and growth as a teaching professional, both internally driven and as requested by the Executive Director.
Display efforts to continue Montessori specific education, both formally and informally on own.
Respond positively to constructive feedback from teaching staff and Executive Director, showing commitment toward growth process.


Love of learning
Relationship building
Positive attitude and approach to work
Team player


Bachelor’s Degree preferred, High School Diploma required. Montessori Certification strongly preferred. If not Montessori Certified, completion of Montessori Philosophy training required within 6 months of hire date.


Three years of early childhood education experience preferred, one year of early childhood education experience required.


Executive Director