Special Education Teacher


General Description

Responsible for planning, developing, delivering, and evaluating appropriate individualized educational services, learning programs, and instruction for special needs students in integrated settings in consultation with other school personnel.

Reports to: Superintendent

Number of Days: 184


Essential Knowledge and Skills

Experience with current special education practices and methodologies.
Knowledge and understanding of State of Texas and federal regulations and policies related to special education assessment, service delivery, evaluation, and reporting.
Strong organizational and communication skills.
Demonstrated experience in conflict resolution and creative problem-solving.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

Consistently perform in support of Goodwater Montessori’s mission, vision, and values.
Model exceptional character and ethical standards at all times.
Consistently apply Montessori principles and practices to Special Education service delivery.
Identify the needs of assigned students through formal and informal assessments.
Review referral data, history, and assessment data to develop appropriate goals and objectives for each student.
Confer with teachers regarding the educational, social, emotional, and physical needs and objectives of each student.
Maintain current knowledge of special education best practices and trends.
Plan, develop, and implement an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for each assigned student.
Design appropriate teaching strategies.
Prepare instructional materials and lesson plans according to IEPs.
Review IEPs with parents, school administrators, and teachers.
Direct the Admission, Review, and Dismissal Process (ARD) to help parents and families of students who are, or maybe, eligible for special education supports and services take an active role in planning their student’s educational program.
Utilize appropriate methods of learning delivery and instruction to meet the needs of each student in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE).
Monitor, evaluate, and document each student’s progress utilizing appropriate measurements and assessment devices.
Prepare timely progress reports for each student.
Develop and implement necessary interventions and strategies to promote the achievement of student objectives.
Collaborate and consult with school personnel regarding the implementation of IEPs and special educational services.
Work closely with school registrar to timely and accurately account for Special Education student data.
Modify and adapt conventional educational programs and curriculum to meet the requirements of special needs students.
Maintain regular communication with parents by means of email, phone calls, conferences, and progress reports.
Assist parents with understanding and supporting educational objectives, learning expectations, and behavioral standards.
Ensure adherence to reasonable rules of classroom discipline and order to maintain a secure and effective learning environment.
Manage student behavior through monitoring, supervising, and assessing behavioral patterns.
Instruct students on socially acceptable behaviors and personal development skills, and utilize appropriate corrective methods to modify behavior.
Prepare special needs students for inclusion.
Maintain accurate and complete records in compliance with school regulations and legal requirements.
Participate in school professional development.
Attend staff meetings and serve on staff committees.
Maintain a professional, collaborative relationship with colleagues.
Other duties as needed.

Education and Work Experience

Bachelor’s Degree.
Texas Teacher Certification in Special Education.
Knowledge of Montessori education preferred.

About Goodwater Montessori School

Goodwater Montessori School is a public charter school for PK3-8th grade. A collaborative, positive, and inclusive environment fostering the Montessori method of learning. We have exceptional student learning environments including an orchard, student kitchen, garden, outdoor classrooms, and an extensive collection of Montessori materials.