Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) educates children from age 3 through 8th grade in two Montessori schools, Tremont Montessori and Stonebrook-White Montessori. Using both Montessori and Ohio State Standards, our certified Montessori teachers create comprehensive, integrated literacy, math, science, and history lessons in multi-age, peaceful and challenging Montessori learning environments. Grounded in the belief of the dignity of the child and the importance of the child’s developmental stages and sensitivities, Montessori education prepares each student for academic excellence, promotes social responmsibility and stimulates lifelong learning. Students have large blocks of uninterrupted work time which provides the space for students to concentrate on their work until they complete a task.  The didactic Montessori materials hold a child’s attention and teach abstract concepts like regrouping or grammar concretely. Additionally, there are a number of different hands-on materials which teach the same major and foundational concepts in different ways, allowing students to choose their work while ensuring they practice the required material.  Our classes are multi-age,  organized in the following grade bands:
– Children’s House:  Pre-K and K
– Lower Elementary: 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade
– Upper Elementary: 4th, 5th and 6th grade
– Middle School: 7th and 8th grade

These multi-age classrooms lessen the educational burden for students as they typically will maintain the same teacher for the duration of the grade band.  The multiple years provide parents/caregivers and teachers time to develop deeper partnerships in support of the student’s success.  In addition, these grade bands allow for the older students to serve as peer mentors to the younger ones, and for the teacher to develop lessons which cater to the developmental needs of the age, creating the conditions for children to flourish.

CMSD’s ideal candidate will have a passion for working with a diverse group of students in a multi-age environment and will be enthusiastic about Montessori in the public sector.  Additionally, we are looking for someone who:
– Creates an environment that demonstrates rapport with and respect for the dignity of all students as well as between students, and models and teaches conflict resolution and problem-solving strategies in the classroom.
– Prepares a class environment and learning activities which meet the sensitive periods/plane of development of the children in his/her class.
– Fosters growth towards independence and social responsibility by assisting children to progress at their own pace, protecting and nurturing their potential while helping them to develop academic independence.
– Is diligent in planning lessons and keeping accurate student records.
– Is a strong team player who works collaboratively, promoting and supporting the overall AAP goals, mission and vision of the Montessori school.
Takes time to regularly observe and assess students, documenting their abilities, progress and needs.
– Approaches each family with a spirit of empathetic inquiry, with the belief that parents want the best for their child; Is comfortable communicating in a professional manner with parents.
– Reflects on and refines his/her practice in the classroom, as well as collaborative/team growth.

Required Qualifications: Along with CMSD’s qualifications, candidates must have an accredited AMI, AMS, or MACTE Montessori Diploma/Certificate or commit to attend Montessori training over multiple summers and continued studies and practicum throughout the school year.

Contact Jacqui Miller, Director, Montessori Programming and Operations.  (216)544-7072, jacqueline.miller@clevelandmetroschools.org

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