Pullman Community Montessori (PCM) is the first pubic Montessori charter school in Washington State.  Our founding team is seeking Montessori Instructional Assistants (IA) for Montessori primary and elementary levels (1 K, 1 lower elementary, 1 upper elementary)..  BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN EDUCATION!  View our job description here. We have a 100% return rate for our Guide’s and nearly the same for our IA’s with the exception of 1 who has to relocate.

**We are supported by a fellow charter school, Spokane International Academy, in streamlining the application process by using their Nimble platform.  Do not let the information at the top of the Nimble application confuse you.  Rest assured you are applying to PCM located in Pullman, Washington not Spokane International Academy.  We are working with Nimble to change this pre-formatting to eliminate confusion.  If you want to apply to Pullman Community Montessori located in Gladish Community and Cultural Center (115 NW State St, Pullman, WA 99163) please complete the Nimble application and email info@myPCM.org**


Unwavering commitment to educational staff and high-fidelity public Montessori.

➢Competitive pay with great health and retirement benefits!

➢Each IA will receive high quality Montessori Assistant’s training and will be supported in growth and development by their classroom Guide and a full-time Montessori Instructional Coach.

➢Each IA will support 1 full-time Montessori trained Guide within the respective developmental age grouping.

➢Grow professionally through high-quality personalized professional development and collaboration time.

➢Grow your tool kit in meeting the needs of all learners through support from our full-time Special Educator.

➢Benefit from strategic partnerships:

NCMPS (National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector), an organization that grows and sustains Montessori in the public sector with a focus on equity and access.
TSS Place Network (Teton Science Schools), providing support in building a strong “Going Out” program for elementary students to connect them to the Pullman community and real-world project creation.
PMA (Public Montessori in Action), supporting PCM in employment of a fully integrated multi-tiered system of support that employs both Child Study and the Nautilus behavioral approach.


Pullman exhibits a small town feel with big town amenities and options. Home to Washington State University and 8 miles from Moscow, Idaho, home of the University of Idaho.
Enjoy increased community diversity and international celebrations attributed to being a University town.
Benefit from a multiplicity of resources with 2 major Universities within a 8-mile radius: libraries, museums, lab and greenhouse tours, science center, cultural center, performing arts center, jazz festival, farmers markets, community gardens, symphony, lentil festival, connected bike paths, and more.
Enjoy access to great parks and outdoor recreation opportunities!
Safe community with a low cost of living compared to much of Washington State.
Visit our website www.PullmanCommunityMontessori.org to learn more, view the full position description, and APPLY. Have questions: call (509) 336-5909 or email info@myPCM.org

About Pullman Community Montessori (PCM)

PCM is a public charter school in the beautiful University town of Pullman, Washington. Pullman is a small but vibrant rural community bridging the best aspects of a small town with the diversity and energy of a small city. PCM is the first public Montessori charter school in Washington State! The school opened doors to serve students in kindergarten through 5th grade in August of 2022. At capacity PCM will support students through 9th grade. The school is housed and will grow to capacity in the historic Gladish Community and Cultural Center conveniently located in central Pullman. The facility is equipped with a gymnasium and outdoor play space as well as access to a large and small performing-arts theater. PCM is within walking distance to Washington State University and only 9 miles from the University of Idaho.