This is a full-time position responsible for teaching high school chemistry and biology in grades 9-12 at a Montessori/IB high school located in the Houston Museum District. This role will be responsible for planning an innovative and diverse curriculum, creating experiential activities, and assessing student work with skill betterment at the core. This teacher should be ready to join a dynamic team that meets regularly to build a strong environment for our students, collaborate across disciplines for innovative learning, and participate in an active community-driven student body.

The Post Oak School is deeply committed to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ) work and is particularly interested in applicants who come from diverse backgrounds who can participate within a diverse community of faculty and staff, that can contribute to the development of an inclusive curriculum, and who can support a culturally diverse body of students.


Mentoring, guiding, and assessing high school students through the science curriculum.
Learning and using a Montessori approach, emphasizing hands-on, real-world learning.
Facilitating a student advisory group.
Collaborating with and engaging in a team approach with all faculty members.
Cultivating and maintaining connections and partnerships with local cultural institutions.

Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in science
Previous teaching experience, particularly high school.
Deep knowledge of the content area with a continued passion to learn.
Ability to both follow and develop inclusive real-work, project-based, and experiential curriculum.
Ability to implement differentiated learning experiences to varying skill levels.
Preparedness to mentor students both in one-on-one and group situations.
High regard for adolescents, respect for their work, and recognition of their personal dignity.
Ability to cultivate and maintain partnerships and learning experiences across Houston, particularly in the Museum District.
Willingness to work in a dynamic team approach both for the school environment and for a cross-disciplinary approach to teaching.
Willingness to travel on short-term domestic trips.
Willingness to learn and apply a Montessori approach.
Preferred Qualifications


Montessori experience.
IB experience.
Competence beyond a single subject area.
Willingness to travel domestically and/or internationally for student trips.